Dear customers, I hope you're all okay.

You might not know that, on top of my photography, I work in 2 schools and have 3 kids. School and Uni have ended for them and I don't know when they'll be back. I also don't know what I'll be asked to do in terms of school work going forward.

I've honestly been feeling all kinds of emotions about everything we're facing right now and I know many of you will be feeling the same.

Please be reassured that if you have a booking with me you

                                                                                           are free to postpone or cancel as you wish. I won't be

                                                                                                 charging any additional feeds and will happily refund       

                                                                                           you, as needed.

                                                                                           With love,

                                                                                             Sarah x



Welcome to my website, please take a look around.


I believe my photographs say more for my professional skills and personal style than words ever can. They show relaxed, genuine smiles from people enjoying themselves.


Please check out my portfolio, read the testimonials and get in touch.




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