What type of photography do you do?

Maternity, newborn, engagement, weddings, families, events… the list goes on. Take a look through my portfolio and see what I’ve done so far.


How much do you charge?

My general fee is £100 for an hour or £125 for 90 minutes. It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Please read this blog post for a longer explanation.

For weddings the pricing structure is different, please contact me for a personalised quote.


Do you have a studio?

I don’t have a studio as I prefer to work on location, either somewhere outdoors like Coombe Hill or in a client’s home. I have recently purchased portable studio equipment which I am beginning to introduce as an option for events.


How many photos will I get? Why can’t I see all of the photos taken?

In a typical hour-long session you can expect between 15 and 20 finished photos. Although I may take a couple of hundred photos during the session, I will only deliver those which I think are the best. This is especially true for larger groups where there is always someone blinking and some Photoshop trickery might be needed!


How can I have my photos delivered to me?

There are several options available for purchasing images after your session, these include differently-sized prints and canvasses along with photos on a USB or CD or having them delivered by e-mail. Dropbox is also an option.


Do you edit the photos?

I edit minimally, this means that I will adjust basic things but I won’t change the way someone looks. Take a read of my blog post about this topic for more information.


What should I wear for a session?

This depends on a lot of different factors, this blog post discusses this question in more detail.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers are available and can be personalised as requested. They are £100 for an hour’s session.


Do you ever work for free?

Very rarely. I believe my time is valuable and I don’t just give it away. However, I do sometimes support charities and local schools with my time or I donate a gift voucher for an auction or raffle. You can always ask!


Any questions?

Contact me:



0771 2492543

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